Friday, January 27, 2012

Here I Go......

I'm probably one of the last ones to buy a ticket on the blogger train, but here I am. I've been pretty anti-blog for the longest time. I could not figure out why people would want to put their thoughts out there for everyone to read, and I REALLY could not figure out why other people would want to read those thoughts. As 2011 turned into 2012, though,  I made a few new goals, one of which included connecting with people around me. I also wanted to do a better job at recording my life and the life of my family. Enter Project Life. I happened upon Project Life (a way to scrapbook in a simple, meaningful way) several months ago and I was hooked from the first second. One of my goals this year is Project 365, which is taking one photo a day that describes an aspect of your life. (Actually this year will be Project 366 with a leap day added!). I have had so much fun doing this! I'm only into it 4 weeks so far, and so far my pictures have included everything from your standard birthday photo to a picture of what I made for dinner that night. My kids are getting into it as well, and each day they say "What is your Photo of the Day (POTD) going to be today?" And they feel especially honored if the POTD has anything to do with them or their activities. My goal with this blog will be to keep track of some of our special family moments and share some fun things that add sparkle to our lives. Let the journey begin!

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