Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sands of time

It's amazing how fantastic I am at this blog thing (okay, not really). Judging by the number of posts I've done so far, I would say that there's a bit (okay, more than a bit) of room for improvement. Today marks the end of the school year for my three kiddos, and I hate how emotional I get when thinking about it. School is one of those change markers that lets me know all too clearly that my sweet babies are growing up and moving on to another adventure in their life! My baby boy graduated from Kindergarten last week, so he'll be in school all day next year (no more lunches together for the two of us (sniff)). I'll miss the cute happiness that envelops all that is Kindergarten...songs about school, weather, holidays, and those precious pieces of butcher paper that come home dripping with finger paint masterpieces. When my little boy sees me getting misty-eyed over him he'll tell me, "Mama, I'll still always be your Kindergarten boy." Oh, sweet boy, thank goodness! His two top missing teeth are also stark reminders that he is growing up! But oh, his toothless grin is so endearing! My middle child will be starting her last year of elementary school next year, and my oldest will be leaving intermediate school and heading off to a new middle school. Lots of changes. Lots of tears. So many reminders that childhood is such a short moment. I try to hold fast to it, but it seems to slip right through my fingers like sand. I think my emotion comes from my own elementary school days when I would cry as I said good-bye to my teachers and friends. I've always loved school. But I'll settle into a new routine for the summer and then begin mourning again as the end of August rolls around and it's time to send them back. Well, I'll bring my rambling to a close so I can finish my list of 1,000 fun things to do this summer. Don't even want to hear the "b" word (bored) uttered by anyone this vacation!

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